Frequently Asked Parking Questions

  1. ​Where should I park when dropping off or picking up passengers? Passengers may be picked up and dropped off curbside. However, curbside vehicles cannot be left unattended. The curbside should only be used for immediate pick-ups and drop-offs. Visitors picking up passengers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) are encouraged to utilize the Hourly Parking Deck. Hourly parking is free for the first hour and spaces are available on levels 4-7. ​The Hourly Parking Deck is also the most convenient parking option if you prefer to meet your passenger in the terminal. Walkways from the Level 2 elevator lobbies provide access to and from the terminal. 
    Check the real-time interactive parking map of the Hourly Parking Deck and other CLT parking facilities.
    Another option is the free Cell Phone Lot. Simply wait in your vehicle and ask your passenger to call or text you when they claim their luggage, then drive to the terminal's lo​wer level (Arrivals/Baggage Claim) to pick up your passenger.
    Learn more information on picking up and dropping off passengers.
  2. Where is the Hourly Deck located?
    The Hourly Deck is located in front of the terminal. You can access the deck from the main Airport entrance road. The Hourly and Daily Decks share the same entrance point off the main entrance road. Follow the signage and veer to the right to enter the Hourly Deck.  
  3. How do I get to the terminal from the Hourly Deck?
    After parking, take the elevator or stairs to Level 2. The Level 2 elevator lobbies provide walkway access to and from the terminal’s lower level (Arrivals/Baggage Claim).
  4. How may I pay for parking? 
    Cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) are accepted. Credit card only lanes are available in all parking facilities.
    To take advantage of prepaid lanes, use Take.Pa​y.Go! with SmartPark Express. Take your parking ticket with you when you exit your vehicle. Upon return to CLT, pay for your parking at one of the yellow Pay&Go stations before returning to your vehicle. Pay&Go stations are located in the Hourly Deck near the elevators on the 2nd level and at the shuttle bus stop between the Daily Decks. 
    CLT Airport does not currently offer any pre-paid parking options through this website or any other website.
  5. When do I pay for parking? 
    Although travelers may pay while exiting a parking facility, travelers are encouraged to take advantage of prepaid exit lanes by paying for parking using Take.Pay.Go! with SmartPark Express​. Take your parking ticket with you when you exit your vehicle. Upon return to CLT, pay for your parking at one of the yellow Pay&Go stations before returning to your vehicle. Pay&Go stations are located in the Hourly Deck near the elevators on the 2nd level and at the shuttle bus stop between the Daily Decks.
    CLT Airport does not currently offer any pre-paid parking options through this website or any other website.
  6. Where is handicapped parking located?
    Handicap parking is available in all parking facilities and accessible shuttles run continuously. If assistance is needed, please call 704-359-4038.
  7. How long may I leave my car in a CLT parking facility? May I leave my car in the Daily Deck for longer than a day? 
    Vehicles may be left in any CLT parking facility for up to 30 days without notifying parking staff. If you must leave a vehicle in a parking facility for more than 30 days, please contact CLT Parking at 704-359-4038.
  8. Is there any way of knowing which parking facilities will be open when I arrive at the Airport? 
    You may visit to view a real-time interactive parking map detailing parking conditions, rates and directions to specific parking facilities. You may also call 704-359-5555 for the latest parking information.         
    Conditions can change quickly, however, even on the busiest of days, parking will always be available. Guaranteed parking can be found at Business and Curbside Valet.
     Airport Parking signs on the roadways also provide timely parking facility status updates. Facilities are deemed full when there are not enough available spaces to properly service vehicles. Follow the signs to proceed to an open facility.
  9. What should I do if I've misplaced my parking ticket? 
    Please drive to the toll plaza where a cashier will assist you. Additionally, customer service representatives are stationed outside the terminal's lower level (Arrivals/Baggage Claim) in the shuttle bus lane.
  10. May I make reservations for parking? At this time, parking reservations are not offered. However, even during the busiest of days, parking will be available for all travelers.
  11. Are there any additional fees for parking?
  12. Why are some parking facilities full when there appear to be available spaces?  Parking facilities are deemed full when there are not enough available spaces to properly service vehicles.
  13. How safe are CLT parking facilities? 
    All CLT parking facilities are well-lit and patrolled regularly.​        
  14. Is there a number to call to reach parking staff? 
    Yes, you may call 704-359-4038.
  15. What time do parking facilities open and close? 
    CLT parking facilities are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.​
  16. If I have a camper, trailer or any other large vehicle, where may I park? 
    Please call 704-359-4038 to make parking arrangements.​
  17. What type of parking assistance is available to travelers?
    Parking staff will assist travelers with adding air to tires, jump starting batteries and locating lost cars.
    Customers in need of emergency and non-emergency assistance have a new device available to them. Emergency call stations are being phased in all CLT parking facilities. The Airport's Hourly Deck now has call stations located at each point of entry and exit. These call stations, colored in bright blue with a corresponding blue light over each, allow anyone to call for help during an emergency situation. To use, push the red button that reads "PRESS FOR HELP" for emergency situations or push the black button labeled "INFO" for non-emergency situations, such as automobile assistance. The planned three-year project required extensive installation of underground cables, electrical wires and data infrastructure, as well as a thorough testing period. Work is currently underway for the next phase of installation in CLT's additional parking facilities.
  18. What type of covered parking is provided? Covered parking is available in the Daily East and West Parking Decks as well as the Business Valet Deck and through Curbside Valet.
  19. What’s the best way to remember where I parked?
    Snap a picture with your cell phone of the parking facility name. Write down the facility and shelter letter or row number on the back of the ticket you receive when you enter the facility and place it in your wallet, purse or bag, but away from credit cards or other magnetic strips. If you are parking in a deck, write down the level and row nearest your vehicle. Also, write down your license plate number, which can help parking staff locate your vehicle if you should happen to forget where you parked.
  20. Help, I’ve returned to CLT, but can’t remember where I parked. What should I do?
    Call 704-359-4038 for assistance.
  21. How do I appeal a parking citation?
    Refer to Parking Citations for more information about citations.
  22. How do I pay for a parking citation?
    Refer to the Parking Citations page for more information regarding payments.
  23. Who do I contact to locate an item left behind on a shuttle bus or in a parking lot?
    Refer to the Lost and Found page for more information regarding lost items.
  24. What parking facilities are within walking distance to the terminal?
    The terminal is accessible via walkway from the Level 2 elevator lobbies in the Hourly Parking Deck. Utilize the Hourly Parking Deck when dropping off family and friends. The first hour of parking is free.  ​​
  25. During holidays, will I be guaranteed a parking spot?
    Yes, parking will be provided for all passengers. Please follow signs and the directions of parking staff. You can always visit to see current parking conditions or call 704-359-5555 for up-to-date parking conditions.

Frequently Asked Shuttle Bus Questions

  1. What times do shuttles buses start running?
    Shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day, seven days-a-week. To ensure a shuttle bus will be available to transport you to your vehicle after 11 p.m., please call 704-359-4038.
  2. How often do shuttle buses run?In Long Term Lots, shuttle buses run every 12 – 15 minutes. In the Daily East and West Decks and Daily North Lot, shuttles run every 8 – 10 minutes.
  3. I’m returning late at night to CLT, may I ask the shuttle bus driver to drive me to my car?
    Many shuttle buses cannot maneuver between lanes to drive travelers directly to their vehicles. We, therefore, ask that passengers inform the driver when boarding the shuttle bus if they would like assistance to their car. The driver can then request this service from parking staff and have someone meet you in the parking facility.
  4. What is the cost for shuttles buses?
    Shuttle bus transportation is a free service between parking facilities and the terminal.
  5. Where do I catch a shuttle bus when parking at CLT?
    Travelers may catch a shuttle at one of several parking shelters located in the Long Term Lots. Shuttle service is also available at the shelter between the Daily East and West Decks and from the Business Valet Deck.
  6. Where do I board shuttle buses when exiting the terminal?
    Shuttle buses are located outside the terminal’s lower level (Arrivals/Baggage Claim) beyond the courtesy vehicle lane.
  7. What should I do if I have several passengers and lots of luggage?
    If you have several people in your party, we recommend that first you drop off your luggage and passengers at the terminal’s upper level curbside (Departures/Ticketing), then proceed to a parking facility to park your vehicle.


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