Parking Citations


All parking tickets must be paid or appealed within 15 days of the issue date. If a ticket is not paid or appealed within 30 days of issuance a $10 penalty will be added. To initiate the appeal of an Airport parking ticket, an individual must do so in writing within 15 days of the date on the ticket.

The appeal must state the grounds for disputing the ticket. Include any documentation you feel is necessary to state your case.
Tickets may be paid or appealed online

The Citation Review Committee will review all ticket appeals. The ticket may be excused if a majority finds that a valid justification exists to do so. A written notice of the decision of the Citation Review Committee will be provided via email or in writing within 30 business days of the convening of the Citation Review Committee. 

If the appeal is denied, the person has 30 days to either pay the ticket before a late fee is added; or request a formal appeals hearing. 
For any questions or comments please email or call 704 359 4038.

All parking citations must be paid within 30 days of the date issued or a $10 penalty will be added. Enclose payment to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 

To pay a parking ticket, write a check or money order payable to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Do not mail cash.

Payment Address:Charlotte Douglas International Airport
P.O. Box 19066
Charlotte, NC 28219
To Pay Electronically: