Destination CLT Projects


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This continued and sustained growth means CLT is at or near capacity. The recently completed airfield capacity enhancement study and terminal capacity enhancement study looked at possible and potential passenger growth forecasts and together form the Airport’s master plan. This plan defines the future and long term airfield and terminal development and helps craft CLT’s construction and development through 2035.

The future master ensures the facilities and airfield will meet future growth and construction. The plan continues to reflect Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s mission. Development and construction will be demand driven. We will build what we need, when it is needed. We will remain cost competitive and financially sustainable – no general tax dollars will be used. The Aviation Department will work closely with our airline partners and others to develop this plan. We will quantify benefits and costs of additional development and define the phases of development. 

Charlotte Douglas International Airport officials are also planning the next phase of an economic development plan that has been more than 15 years in the making. In the interest of ensuring compatible development in the Airport environment, the Aviation Department has been assembling the key components necessary to create an economically viable development area that should provide a significant boost to the local economy and change the landscape of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This significant undertaking will take years to develop, but will produce big results once completed. The global initiative has the potential to attract businesses such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, trucking, distribution, research, development and data to the available 6,000 acres of land that surrounds the Airport. This land borders CLT and contains a number of major highways and the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility.

Another key component to future development is the expansion of the Federal Trade Zone (FTZ) to include Airport property. This will adjust existing FTZ boundaries to incorporate the new intermodal facility and adjacent areas, creating a tax relief business zone.


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​Destination CLT encompasses the first phase of our Master Plan Update, a collaborative ​​effort with our airline partners and the FAA. It represents a $2.5-3.1 billion capital investment​ in capacity enhancement projects.

Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front​​​

Status:​​​Construction​​ Underway 
​Description:​The Airport has experienced tremendous growth, which has put a strain on the existing roadway system in front of the terminal. Construction of the hourly parking deck now provides room to widen the roadway in front of the terminal.

Additional commercial and passenger vehicle lanes are being constructed to assist those picking up and dropping off passengers. Traffic flow will be reconfigured on each level; commercial vehicles will move to the three inside lanes and personal vehicles to the five outside lanes. When complete, a total of 16 lanes will accommodate traffic.

Five new upper lanes opened April 3, 2019 marking the completion of Phase II and signaling a major milestone for the project.  Phase III, the final stage of the project, is underway, which includes demolishing the existing entrance and exit ramps to complete the west and east ends of the roadway.  

When completed in fall 2019, the Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front will be unveiled in phases with the debut of eight new lanes on the lower level roadway by the end of the year.  Commercial vehicles will then shift to the three lower level inside lanes near the terminal and personal vehicles will occupy the five lower level outside lanes near the Hourly Deck. 

The remaining three new upper lanes near the terminal will welcome drivers once the Terminal Lobby Expansion project is complete in four to five years.

This project will include the construction of passenger skybridges and pedestrian tunnels and will move the roadway further north to accommodate the future Terminal Lobby Expansion.

Duration: 36 months
Milestones:​Construction start - Winter 2015
Completion - 2019
Funding Source:​Passenger Facility Charge Revenues


Exterior View

 Skybridge View



Concourse A Expansion - Phase I

Concourse A Expansion - Phase I Fact Sheet

Concourse A Expansion - Opens



This project constructed nine gates north of Concourse A to accommodate expanding air service. The project included construction of the concrete ramp and taxi lanes to operate the new gates.

Duration:24 months
Milestones: Construction start - Spring 2016
Completion - Summer 2018
Funding Source:​Future General Airport Revenue Bonds and Passenger Facility Charge Revenues


Exterior View

 Interior View


East Terminal Expansion - Phase II


Status:​​​Construction Underway
​Description:This project plans for a three-level addition of approximately 51,000 sq. ft. at Concourses D and E. The addition will provide an area for multiple concessions on the Departures/Ticketing level and will double the current number of escalators and elevators. 

This project will upgrade passenger circulation to Concourse E. The addition of three escalators, one service elevator and a widened stairway will greatly increase the traffic flow to the concourse. Other components of the expansion include a service dock area for Concourses D and E, a food court, restrooms, a second Mother's Room, a children's play area and an animal relief area. There will also be approximately 12,000 sq. ft. of office level space for future space requirements of the various tenants.

Duration:24 months
Construction start – Summer 2016
Completion – Summer 2019
Funding Source:​Future General Airport Revenue Bonds and Passenger Facility Charge Revenues


​Termi​​nal Renovations​


Status:​​Renovations Underway 
CLT’s terminal building was built in 1982. This project will bring new life to the 33-year-old building. Improvements will include new gate seating with integrated power and USB, new flooring, wall finishes, new ceilings, a new public address system and improved LED lighting. 

Work will begin first in Concourse B and move to Concourses A, C and D and the Atrium.
Duration:36 months
Milestones:​Construction start - September 2017
Completion - 2020
Funding Source:​Future General Airport Revenue Bonds and Passenger Facility Charge Revenues

 Concourse E Expansion​ - Phase VIII


Status:​​​Design Underway​

This expansion will create 25,000 sq. ft. of hold room, concessions space and support space on the north end of Concourse E. Currently, passengers utilize hold room space of other Concourse E gates and walk under temporary canopies to access aircraft hardstand parking. An additional 6,000 sq. ft. of open ramp space will be enclosed along the east wing of Concourse Eat gate E16 to accommodate passengers of hardstand aircraft. 

This project will shield passengers from the elements, decongest hold rooms, and heighten security and safety with boarding bridge equipped gates. This expansion will also enable larger regional aircraft to utilize the concourse due to the rising elevation on the north end and up-gauging of regional aircraft. 

Duration:24 months
Milestones:​Construction start - Winter 2016
Completion - Summer 2021
Funding Source:Future General Airport Revenue Bonds and Passenger Facility Charge Revenues

Terminal Lobby Expansion



The terminal lobby will be expanded to the north to create additional space for security lanes, ticketing and baggage claim areas, central energy plant, a basement level for offices and access to the subterranean walkways, an exterior canopy as well as increased circulation space in the lobby.

This project will accommodate the rapid growth CLT has experienced in recent years which has put a strain on the terminal. 

Duration:36 months
Milestones:Design - 2017-2018
Construction start - 2019
Completion - 2025
Funding Source:​Future Airport Financing
Mezzanine View
 Ticketing View

Fourth Parallel Ru​nway
Status:​​​Planning Underway 

An Environmental Assessment (EA) must be completed prior to design and construction of a fourth parallel runway.

The runway will be located 1,450 feet west of Runway 18C/36C and between the existing Runways 18R/36L and 18C/36C. It will include two end around taxiways and the relocation of portions of West Boulevard and Old Dowd Road. This fourth parallel runway is anticipated to be 150 feet wide and 10,000 feet long making it CLT's longest runway. 

Duration:​24 months
Environmental Impact Statement - 2016-2020
Design - 2019-2021
Construction start - 2021
Completion - 20224
Funding Source:
Future General Airport Revenue Bonds, Passenger Facility Charge Revenues and Federal Airport Improvement Program Grants

Concourse A Expansion - Phase II
​Description:​This project will continue expansion of Concourse A to the north for an additional 10 gates.
Duration:24 months
Design 2018 - 2019
Construction start - 2020
Completion - 2022
Funding Source:​Future Airport Financing

Concourse C Expansion
​Description: ​​This project plans for the design and construction of 10-12 additional gates on Concourse C.
Duration:​20 months
Design - Spring 2021
Construction start - Spring 2022
Completion - Spring 2024
Funding Source:Future Airport Financing


Concourse B Expansion 

​Description: ​​This project will provide for design and construction of an additional 8-10 gates on Concourse B.
Duration:​20 months
Milestones: Design - 2022-2023
​Construction start - Spring 2024
Completion - Spring 2026​
Funding Source:​Future Airport Financing 



Other Projects

​Air Traffic Control Tower

This is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) project that is funded and constructed by the FAA.  The new tower is under construction on the south side of the airfield.  When completed, the new tower will be 367 feet tall (second tallest in the country). The current FAA tower at CLT is 150 feet tall. The new tower is scheduled for commissioning in May 2020.

Learn about our completed development plan: CLT 2015​