Charlotte Air Cargo Center

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Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the region's premiere air cargo facility. The following information is a summary of the major benefits to working with the Charlotte Air Cargo Center.

CLT just five miles from Uptown Charlotte, adjacent to a Foreign Trade Zone and immediately accessible to major interstates.

Charlotte Douglas is one of the most efficient air transport facilities in the country, maintaining quality service and a competitively low fee structure.

Charlotte Air Cargo Center consists of approximately 570,000 square feet of facilities and more than 50 acres of aircraft ramp space. The area is adjacent to CLT's four runways, which can accommodate all types of aircraft and measure 10,000 feet, 9,000 feet, 8,845 feet and 7,500 feet. To further support air cargo operations, CLT has a full complement of international service support organizations including U.S. Customs & Border Protection. The Charlotte Air Cargo Center is further strengthened by more than 60 freight forwarders, custom house brokers and professional international service providers.

Did you know? Charlotte...


  • Is the 7th busiest airport in the world (in total operations)
  • Welcomed 43.45 million passengers in 2013 making CLT the nation's 8th busiest in passengers
  • Controls more than $2.3 trillion in assets and is the 2nd largest financial center (following New York)
  • 270 Fortune 500 firms are represented in the area
  • Charlotte is the center of the nation's fastest growing large Census Urbanized Area
  • More than 7.3 million live within a 100-mile radius of Charlotte
  • More than half of the U.S. population lives within a two-hour flight or one-day drive from Charlotte
  • Is the center of the 4th largest manufacturing concentration in the U.S.

Charlotte Air Cargo Center Facts

  • Seven major passenger airlines and four commuter airlines
  • More than 15 cargo airlines, plus cargo lift by commercial carriers
  • Connected with two major rail systems linking 27,000 miles of track
  • Norfolk Southern Railway's Charlotte Regional Intermodal Facility at CLT is capable of 200,000 lifts annually and compatible with aviation operations
  • Is the only intermodal facility operating between two active runways with the ability to seamlessly link freight operations by air, rail and truck with access to seaports
  • More than 300 trucking companies
  • More than $4 billion worth of manufactured goods are exported annually from North and South Carolina
  • 129,799 tons of cargo forwarded to destinations worldwide (2013)
  • $10 billion impact by Airport on local economy
  • 917 foreign owned firms within the region, including:

189 German owned firms 
120 British owned firms
89 Canadian owned firms
81 Japanese owned firms
57 French owned firms
53 Swiss owned firms