Freight Study Introduction

"Going global" is nothing new for the Charlotte region's business community. For years, companies based here have prospered from links with the international marketplace, thanks in large part to the air cargo and passenger service provided by carriers serving Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Today, international trade is growing faster than ever.  For example, from 1993 to 1995, the value of exports in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill MSA jumped nearly 34 percent, from $1.564 billion to $2.088 billion. More than 30 percent of Charlotte's manufacturers and wholesalers engage in international trade.

Yet statistics indicate that Charlotte Douglas International Airport is underserved by international carriers. Cargo is leaving this market by ground transportation for other exit ports along the East Coast, rather than on planes leaving the Charlotte airport. Many international passengers must fly to other airports to connect with overseas flights, rather than traveling nonstop from Charlotte to their destination.

Businesses in the Charlotte region want Charlotte Douglas International Airport to provide additional international service, and Charlotte Douglas International wants to provide it.  For international carriers, those two factors create a rare double opportunity: to be in place to meet projected needs - and to tap the potential market that this market holds today.

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Global Economy, Global Service

For further information regarding the cargo feasibility report, contact the Charlotte Chamber.