Sustainability Initiatives

​Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is committed to sustainability by pursuing fiscally responsible practices that minimize environmental impacts. We believe we have the responsibility to provide economically viable sustainable solutions to our employees, our tenants, passengers, local community and region. We are committed to maintaining a balanced, integrated approach to future development and operations based on economic stability, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

The Airport has chosen to embrace and incorporate various sustainable approaches into its daily operations, moving the Airport toward a sustainable future. Sustainability initiatives at CLT have included the installation of solar panels, energy efficient systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and the utilization of alternative fuel vehicles. CLT routinely recycles crushed concrete and asphalt during construction.


   Rooftop solar panels at CLT                           Construction materials to be recycled at CLT

In 2017, CLT contracted with a team of consultants led by the Integral Group to assist the Airport in the development of its first Comprehensive Sustainability Plan. The Comprehensive Sustainability Plan will be tailored specifically to the Airport and will integrate and align with the sustainability targets and objectives identified in the City of Charlotte's environmental policies.  CLT's corporate objectives and principles will be incorporated into a comprehensive document.  The plan will also encompass the Airport-owned and operated facilities and will make recommendations for tenant facilities.

As we develop the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan over the next year, we will be conducting a baseline sustainability assessment. This assessment will be used to evaluate our current endeavors and identify future improvement opportunities for the Airport. CLT will use the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan to incorporate sustainability principles into its business model, with respect to setting environmental, economic, and social performance goals; develop a monitoring/tracking system; and report progress to our internal and external stakeholders. Using the developed Comprehensive Sustainability Plan as a guide, CLT endeavors to:

• Integrate environmental sustainability into Airport planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations;

• Make environmental sustainability a core objective at CLT through the development of comprehensive plans with measurable goals and outcomes with a mechanism for reporting;

• Provide a more proactive, holistic approach to environmental sustainability at CLT by incorporating operational efficiency into the "Triple Bottom Line;" and

• Provide the rationale and quantify the financial and other benefits of environmental sustainability at CLT.

In a future defined by greater cost and scarcity of natural resources, the economic benefits of the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan will grow and create new benefits and business opportunities for CLT. We will build partnerships with various public groups, and work with stakeholders invested in the Airport's future and focus on growth compatible with the surrounding community. 

Sustainability is simply the right way to do business.  Our Comprehensive Sustainability Plan is the start to keep us moving towards a sustainable future. 

Check back soon for sustainability updates.