Master Plan South Land Acquisition Area

Please note: Property Owners who would like to have their property acquired, please complete the following survey, Charlotte Douglas International Airport Information Survey and mail in to the Community Programs Manager.

An environmental analysis was initiated in 1997 before construction of the third parallel runway was constructed. Through this process, an area south of the new runway was identified that would be exposed to new noise from aircraft operations.

These areas were identified for future acquisition because of those impacts. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not support the acquisition of these properties south of the third parallel runway under the Noise Compatibility Program.

CLT, however, has identified an area south of the Airport for acquisition to support aviation activities. When the FAA approved the new Airport Layout Plan, it also included the area for acquisition, which provides the opportunity for federal assistance in acquiring the new property.

This land has been identified in the Airport Master Plan as vital to future aviation operations. Here, you will find detailed information related to the Master Plan South Land Acquisition Area. This information was presented at a public meeting on Wednesday, May 22, 2013,  at Steele Creek Presbyterian Church (7407 Steele Creek Road).